Written by Stannah at 23rd October 2018

How Much Does a Stairlift Cost?

Stairlift cost is often the first question people ask when planning to age in place. Prices for stairlifts are known to vary, so in this article, we’re going to give you a clear idea on the factors that can affect the cost of your stairlift, so that you know what to expect before you even pick up the phone to call us.

We’re going to help answer some of the questions you may have when considering the purchase of a Stannah Stairlift as well as help figure out if it’s the right choice for you, but we’re also going to talk about factors that you might not have considered yet. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know to keep yourself safe, comfortable and healthy in your home for years to come. Which of these aspects did you miss off your pros and cons list?


Table of contents

Have you considered other options?

Is a Stairlift right for you?

When you pay for your Stannah stairlift, what do you get?

How is a stairlift installed?

Determining the cost of a stairlift

What next? How do I purchase a stairlift?


Have you considered other options?

If you can no longer get around your house safely, you have several options you could consider:

  1. Continuing to struggle – and risk your safety on your stairs. Think about your loved ones, and the toll a serious fall could take on them.
  2. Relocating to a bungalow – and leave your home behind? The place where you’ve built so many happy memories? Your neighbours? And that’s without mentioning the cost of moving and the stress of putting yourself back into the housing market.
  3. Moving into an assisted living facility – have you researched prices of assisted living facilities per month? How much help do you need? Could you get that assistance from in-home carers? Or is your main problem the stairs?
  4. Buying a home lift – do you have enough open space to install a home lift? Although a home lift adds value to a house, are you willing to wait the time it will take for building work to be finished before you can feel like the master of your home again? And are you ready to make such a big investment?

Take your time thinking about the options available to you, and we’re sure you’ll reach the conclusion we’ve come to – that a stairlift is the cheapest and quickest way to get you your freedom of movement back. But don’t take our word for it. Read reviews, do your research. Think it through. We want you to come to your own conclusions, so that when it comes down to it, you know you’ve made the right decision for you.

Read on to find out more about our stairlifts, and the hidden benefits you might not have thought about.

Is a stairlift right for you?



Is a Stairlift right for you?

This is the first question that needs to be answered, after all, you don’t want to buy something that won’t:

  • meet your needs
  • and fit your house

Does it meet your needs?

If stairs have started to become an obstacle in your home, or if they’ve been one for a while, a stairlift is probably just the right option for you. Yes, you have all of the options above, but compared to the alternatives, a stairlift is the cheapest and most hassle-free solution to a problem that, honestly, is easily solved. As long as you can hold yourself upright in a chair, and get yourself into and out of it safely, you’ll be able to use your stairs independently, without a fear of falling.

One concern that customers sometimes voice is a difficulty in sitting and standing because of painful hips, knees or back. If sitting back into a chair and pushing yourself back up is a problem, we have the ideal solution in the form of our Sadler chair. The chair is the perfect balance between a perch seat and chair, in that it has a large enough surface area to hold your weight comfortably, but is positioned in such a way that you stay in an upright position as you make your way up the stairs. Safety features like non-slip ridging on the seat and an ergonomic seatbelt mean you always feel safe on your stairs, properly strapped into your stairlift, and can avoid the discomfort of having to bend painful joints when getting in and out of your chair.

If you would prefer a normal chair, we also offer you different styles that all have one thing in common – your safety and comfort were our main priority when we designed them. They come fitted with safety sensors, a seat belt, well-placed cushioning and easy-to-use controls as standard, so you won’t need to think twice about using your stairs.

The only instances in which a stairlift might not be the best option, is if the user uses a wheelchair. Depending on the mobility of the user, the use of a wheelchair makes the process of getting into and out of the stairlift more difficult, but the main problem would be that you would need to have another wheelchair at the other end of the stairlift, because a stairlift can’t carry a wheelchair.

However, if you do have any doubts about whether a stairlift is the right option for you, feel free to give us a call. We’re always happy to help, and we consider giving free advice as a very important part of the way we do things. We’ll send an advisor round to your house to meet you and assess your mobility needs, then, they’ll let you know if a stairlift is the right option for you, or if you’d benefit from a different type of mobility equipment. The whole service is free, because we think you deserve to have all the information you need to make an informed decision about how best to plan for your future.

Does it fit your house?

There are a lot of stairlift myths floating about, about staircases being too narrow, too steep or too long.

We’re all too happy to debunk all of those myths! It’s true, there is the odd occasion where a stairlift really just doesn’t fit – but you’d be surprised at some of the staircases we have managed to make accessible to those who needed to use them. We’ve been in the stairlift industry a long time – over 40 years to be precise – so we’ve had time to work on our stairlifts to make them as adaptable as possible. That way, we can give all the more people their independence back in their own homes.

We make stairlifts for straight stairs, stairs that go around a corner (whatever the angle), stairs that take a turn, have a landing in the middle, span multiple floors, in tower blocks (or light houses) and even outdoors!

We’re pretty sure we can make a stairlift to fit your house, but to be 100% certain we need to send an advisor to your house to check. They’ll make a note of the shape of your stairs and measure the angles to the closest millimetre, that way, when you decide to buy your stairlift we already have the measurements and can send them straight to our factory where work begins on your rail.

Your stairlift is made specifically for you. To fit you and your house. That’s why we need to meet you and see your stairs before you order. Trust us when we say you’ll be pleased we did our homework. After all, the measurements we take mean we can fit your stairlift that much closer to the edge of your stairs – that means it takes up less room on your staircase, leaving that much more room for other users to be able to get up and down the stairs comfortably. And the time we spend getting to know you means we are that much better prepared to give you accurate, personalised advice about how we can help you, specifically.

Call us to find out which stairlift would best fit into your house. We have a variety of upholstery options you can choose from, so once we’ve decided on the model that best fits your needs, you can make it match your tastes – it’s sure to blend into your décor as it keeps you safe on your staircase.

When you pay for your Stannah stairlift, what do you get?

Up until now, you’ve found out that a Stannah stairlift is extremely likely to fit you and your home, and it’ll completely eliminate the problem your stairs used to cause.

But what else do you get when you buy a Stannah? You get free installation. We don’t send you a stairlift in the box and expect you to figure it out. We take care of our customers because we’re not just ‘doing business’. The quote you’ll receive is firm, all-inclusive and includes:

  • A 2-year Warranty
  • All Necessary Features & Options
  • Professional Installation by trained technicians
  • A thorough demonstration on how to operate your stairlift

You can rest assured that the quote covers everything you’ll need. However, if you ever have any questions, we are available to answer them anytime. We see it as our mission to help you rest easy in whatever way we can, so that you can go back to feeling at home in your house, and that includes being there for you when you need us.


How is a stairlift installed?

Now, you’ve considered your options and decided that a stairlift really is the most cost-efficient way of keeping you safe in your own home. You know what you get when you buy a Stannah. But what we didn’t mention was that we can install your stairlift in less than a day. There’s no building work involved, as your stairlift attaches straight onto your stairs, so you don’t even have to worry about any mess or disruption. Our installers will be in and out in no time, and before they leave they’ll give you a full demonstration of how your stairlift works, and make sure you’re comfortable using it. It’s all as straightforward as it sounds!

How is a stairlift installed?


Determining the cost of a stairlift:

We think it’s safe to assume that you decided to read this article to find out how much a stairlift would cost you. The problem with that question all stems from the way we work at Stannah. We’d love to be able to give you accurate quotes online, but to give you the best service possible, we need to meet you and see your stairs. We need to find out what exactly would make you feel safest in your home, and measure your stairs to the closest millimetre to make sure a stairlift fits comfortably, and in the best spot for you. We know what we need to do to help you as much as we can, and we won’t settle for less. That’s why you’ll only get a quote for the right stairlift for you during a free stair survey, when one of our advisors comes to your house and does all the background work. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can schedule your free survey so that you can get all the information you need. But until then, these are the factors that could influence the price of your stairlift:

  • How wide is your stairwell?
  • How far will your stairlift travel?
  • Are your stairs straight or curved?
  • Are there landings at the top and bottom of stairs?
  • How much headroom is there under the bulkhead?
  • Will any heaters or other major fixings need to be moved?

The biggest determining factor in pricing a stairlift is whether or not your stairs take a turn. For straight staircases, we use a standardized rail, cut to the appropriate length. Stairs that make a turn require a custom designed curved rail to ensure the best fit and appearance for these staircases. Whatever the case, our advisor will be able to tell you what fits your house best when they come and meet you. Take your time talking to them, and together, work out the best solution for you.


How much does it cost to run a stairlift?

Although it might not be your first concern, the running costs of a stairlift are an important factor to consider. Again, there are many myths out there concerning stairlift running costs – but we have good news.

A stairlift is cheaper to run than your kettle.

When you consider the number of times per day you use your kettle and compare that to the feeling of freedom you get as you navigate your stairs safely, you’ll start to see how little it’ll truly cost you.

What next? How do I purchase a stairlift?

You may still be considering some alternatives to purchasing a stairlift. Take your time investigating your options and do some research. You’re sure to find helpful advice online, which will give you first hand insight into the options available to you.

Once you’ve thought it all though, call us. A Stannah consultant can provide an accurate quotation for your stairlift that will include all preparation work and installation, expert aftercare and advice, as well as peace of mind with our 24/7 support. And it’s all free, so you don’t have anything to lose!