Stairlift weight limits: What is the weight capacity of a stairlift?

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The maximum weight capacity of our stairlifts is 160kg, but it depends on the model.

The weight capacity of a stairlift is a common concern for many people, our stairlifts, however, are sure to meet all your physical needs.

The weight capacity of each lift is set so that we know you can use our stairlift safely up to that weight. Our stairlifts are manufactured to hold 5 x their maximum weight limit – they could carry a fully-grown polar bear, so you definitely won’t break it – but your safety is our priority, so we set the weight limit to ensure your stairlift carries you upstairs and keeps working for decades, keeping you moving for longer.

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Does Stannah sell heavy duty or bariatric stair lifts?

The short answer is yes.

Stannah stairlifts are made to fit you and meet all your needs. That’s why we have heavy duty, or bariatric, stairlifts as part of our range, so that they can carry you safely up and down your stairs without you having to worry about reaching their maximum weight limit. We have a wide range of products to meet all our customers’ needs, so whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure we can help.

You may be picturing a robust-looking, bulky chair that takes up the width of your staircase.

That’s not the case when you buy a Stannah bariatric stairlift. Our stairlifts have all been designed, first and foremost, to be safe. Their active and passive safety features make you as safe as you can be while you glide up the stairs. But they’ve also been designed to look good. We’re manufacturers, but we’re also people.

How? They’re customisable. You can choose the fabric and colour of the upholstery, and make sure your stairlift looks exactly the way you want it to look in your home.

There are two models of Stannah stairlifts with a higher weight capacity – the Starla and the Siena. Although all our stairlifts can comfortably carry up to 135kg, the Starla and Siena straight models have a higher weight limit of 160kg. Read more about these models below.

Check out how much each of our stairlift models can carry

Although the maximum capacity of our stairlifts is 160kg, the type of stairlift that’s right for you might have a slightly different limit.

The Siena


The Siena

The Siena is our most popular stairlift thanks to its simplicity and practicality. It’s also one of our most adaptable stairlifts, which means that as well as the many colour choices and options of upholstery, it can be installed on both straight and curved stairs.

There is a slight difference between the weight capacity depending on the type of stairlift you need for your house, so this is worth bearing in mind.

The Siena is one of our heavy duty, or bariatric lift models, with a maximum capacity of 160kg for straight stairs. For curved stairs, the limit is 135kg.

The Starla

The Starla

The Starla is our most customizable stairlift thanks to the different options of upholstery and wood trim we offer you. You even get to choose which type of wood you’d like on your stairlift, if you want it at all! Part of the versatile nature of the Starla is that it can also be installed on both straight and curved stairlifts, so depending on what your stairs are like, the weight capacity of your Starla will vary.

The Siena is one of our heavy duty, or bariatric lift models, with a maximum capacity of 160kg for straight stairs. For curved stairs, the limit is 135kg.

The Sofia

The Sofia

The Sofia is our most elegant stairlift, while still being as safe and reliable as all our other models. It’ll carry you up and down in comfort and safety, and meet all your mobility needs.

Sofia stairlift weight capacity: 135kg

The Outdoor

The Outdoor

Our outdoor stairlift is the ideal solution to take you to your favourite outside areas comfortably, without risking your safety on uneven steps or slippery ramps.

Outdoor stairlift weight capacity: 135kg

What’s next?

Questions? We’re here to help!

If you’re at all worried about whether a stairlift is the right option for you, let us know, we’re here to help. Give us a call, request a brochure or book your free and obligation-free home visit. A trained advisor will take the time to listen to you and to give you all the information you need. They’ll also measure your stairs and find out which stairlift is the best option for you, and your home.

Your advisor will tell you if a stairlift will fit in your house, if it’s the right option for you, and the exact price of the right stairlift to fit your needs. And it’s all free. Providing you with information is part of our service, so that you’re making the right option for you, personally.

Call us now to find out everything you need to know.

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