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Did You Know? 8 Curious Facts about Stairlifts

Written by Stannah on 9th December 2019

At first glance, a stairlift might not seem so exciting, but there’s more to this helpful home app...

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Aging in Place: Breaking Down the Barriers

Written by Stannah on 27th September 2019

Aging in place is more than just the latest trend. Don’t let pride and outdated stigmas keep you f...

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Stairlift Batteries

Written by stannahseo on 17th September 2019

Discover everything you need to know about stairlift batteries. How long do they last? What’s invo...

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Affordable Alternative to Residential Lifts and Elevators

Written by Stannah on 5th September 2019

New Zealanders have become increasingly determined to age just where they are. As the population gro...

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knee pain symptons and causes

Knee pain

know the symptoms, causes and prevention measures

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communal living

Independence through communal living: is cohousing the future?

Senior communal living, many of us don’t know...

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senior gardening

Senior gardening: learn more about the benefits of a therapeutic garden

A garden or a little piece of nature to tend...

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