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Are stairlift safe and what should you look out for?

Written by Stannah on 21st September 2021

Are stairlifts safe? Yes, not only are stairlift safe, they keep you autonomous by eliminating th...

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Low-cost alternatives to homelifts or elevators

Written by Stannah on 11th March 2021

Nowadays, more and more people are determined to grow old in their own homes and will go to great le...

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Stairlifts: The Complete Guide 2020

Written by Stannah on 20th May 2020

Stairlifts are a cost-effective way to make your home safer and more accessible. Whether you’re ag...

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Remote Stairlift Appointments

Written by Stannah on 18th May 2020

For the convenience of our customers, Stannah is now offering Phone and Virtual stairlift appoin...

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knee pain symptons and causes

Knee pain

know the symptoms, causes and prevention measures

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communal living

Independence through communal living: is cohousing the future?

Senior communal living, many of us don’t know...

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senior gardening

Senior gardening: learn more about the benefits of a therapeutic garden

A garden or a little piece of nature to tend...

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